Photo Art for Beginners

Introduction to Painter for Photo Artists

Get an introduction to Painter’s photo art tools such AI, Auto-painting, and cloning and see how they can be used to convert your photos into paintings.

Part 1: Introduction to Photo Art

In this tutorial, Painter Master Helen Yancy shows you how to get started using Painter to create photo art.

Part 2: Introduction to Cloning

The first step in creating photo art is cloning, and in this tutorial you will learn how to clone your original image.

Part 3: Basic Photo Painting

Learn the basics you need to get started creating photo art – brush settings, custom palettes, color and layers.

Part 4: Painting Faces and Hands

See how to change your brush settings so that your brush acts as a blender to bring in details of faces and hands.

Part 5: Adding Finishing Touches

Here’s how to add the finishing touches to your painting by bringing in highlights and colors from your original photo.