Photo Art for Beginners

Photo Art for Beginners

Painter has some amazing tools for photo artists that make it easy to turn your photos and images into a work of art. This tutorial series will cover the basics of getting started with photo art, including setting up your workspace and familiarizing yourself with the tools, using the cloning and auto-painting features and adding the finishing touches. A variety of Painter Masters share their tips and tricks for adding details and creating specific photo art like portraits, still life and landscapes.

Part 1: Introduction to Painter for Photo Artists

In this tutorial, Painter Master Helen Yancy shows you how to get started using Painter to create photo art.

Part 2: Introduction to Cloning

The first step in creating photo art is cloning, and in this tutorial you will learn how to clone your original image.

Part 3: Basic Photo Painting

Learn the basics you need to get started creating photo art - brush settings, custom palettes, color and layers.

Part 4: Painting Faces and Hands

See how to change your Painter brush settings so that your brush acts as a blender to bring in details of faces and hands.

Part 5: Adding Finishing Touches

Here's how to add the finishing touches to your painting by bringing in highlights and colors from your original photo.

How To Use The Reference Palette

Learn how to set up a reference image, how to use the Dropper tool for color sampling, and how to use the Magnifier tool.

How to Clone and Auto Paint

Learn how simple it can be to convert a photo to a painting using the auto-painting and clone tools in Painter.

How to use Cloning Part 1

How to set up the clone palette with a source image and tracing paper, and how to activate a brush in cloning mode.

How to use Cloning Part 2

In this tutorial, Painter Master Heather Michelle Chinn explores the differences between Clone and Quick Clone.

Introduction to Resaturation

Understanding how resaturation affects the process of cloning can have a dramatic effect on your finished piece.

Bringing Back Details

Learn how to use the Resaturation panel to bring back select photographic details in your painting for the perfect finish.

Clone Painting Hair

In this tutorial we will focus on clone painting over hair to bring out the details while still keeping a painted look.

Clone Painting Faces

In this tutorial you will learn how to define lines and contours of the face, and retain the likeness of your subject.

Creating a Painting from a Cell Phone Image

In this 4-part tutorial series, Painter Master Elite Heather Michelle Chinn will show you step-by-step how to create a painting from a cell phone image.

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