What’s New in Painter Essentials

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What’s New in Painter Essentials 8

This series of tutorials will introduce you to the new features and enhancements in Painter Essentials 8. Learn how to convert your photos into paintings using new AI-based styles and presets and how to use other photo-painting tools for cloning and tracing. Watch demonstrations of new and enhanced painting tools, color options, brushes and more!
Artwork by Isabelle Staub

NEW Painting Tools in Painter Essentials 8

See the new Drawing & Painting layout in Painter Essentials 8, plus a demo of 23 new brushes across all brush categories, many with enhanced smoothing.

NEW Color Options in Painter Essentials 8

Explore Painter Essentials' new Color Sets and three new Color Harmonies that dynamically create balanced color swatches from your chosen color.

NEW Apple Features in Painter Essentials 8

Check out the new Apple features in Painter Essentials 8, including support for Touch Bar, multi-touch Trackpad, Sidecar and Pencil tilt.

Apple AI Auto-Painting in Painter Essentials 8

Mac users, get a look at the 10 new AI-based auto-painting presets in Painter Essentials 8 that you can use to easily transform your photos into natural-looking paintings.

Enhanced Document and Layer Control

New in Painter Essentials 8, you can quickly select document orientation, canvas color, and texture right from the New Image Dialog box.

AI-based Photo Painting in Painter Essentials

Learn how to use the Artificial Intelligence-based photo-painting styles in Painter Essentials to instantly transform your photos in works of art.

Getting Started with Auto-Painting

Learn how to use AI Auto-Painting presets in Painter Essentials to create a work of art from a photo, then use the touch-up tools to fine tune.

Understanding Auto-Painting and Touch-up

Learn how to use AI Auto-Painting presets in Painter Essentials to create a work of art from a photo, then use the touch-up tools to fine tune.

Adding Hand-painted Details to an Auto-painting

This tutorial will teach you the difference between cloning color and painting with a selected color when adding hand-painted details to an auto-painting.

Sketching from a Photo in Painter Essentials

Get some tips from Painter Master Elite Karen Bonaker on how to use tracing paper to create a freehand sketch from a photo in Painter Essentials.

Blocking in Color in a Landscape Painting

Learn how to create an ideal color palette and lay down the general color composition and color harmony for a landscape painting in Painter Essentials.

Adding Detail to a Landscape Painting

Learn how to complete your landscape painting in Painter Essentials by adding the light and dark values, and details to the background and foreground.

Webinar: Introducing Painter Essentials 8

Introducing Painter Essentials 8! Get a demo of the new brushes and color options, learn about new support for Apple users, and explore new painting presets.

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