Digital Forensic Art Techniques

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Digital Forensic Art Techniques

In this tutorial series, forensic artist Natalie Murry covers many techniques for creating forensic art in Painter, such as beginner techniques for drawing faces, how to portray ancestry, how to add muscles and age a face, and how to create composite sketches. Natalie is currently an investigator and forensic artist with Williamson County TX Cold Case Unit. She is on the forensic art subcommittee of the International Association for Identification and continues to be a freelance forensic artist as well.

Forensic Art: Drawing Faces for Beginners

Forensic artist Natalie Murry shows you how to import mugshots or other photos into Painter and draw directly on top of them to hone your skills.

Forensic Art: Portraying Ancestry

Something that beginning composite artists commonly have trouble with is how to make a suspect look more like a specific race or sex. This video will provide tips for getting there.

Forensic Art: Creating a Composite Sketch

Learn how to use reference images of individual features from different mugshots and knit them together into a cohesive and believable face.

Forensic Art: Drawing Muscles and Aging a Face

This tutorial offers insight into how facial muscles work and change during the aging process, and how to portray this in your forensic art.

Webinar: Forensic Art

In this Painter webinar you'll witness the real-life forensic art of reconstructing a face from a skull, demonstrated by top forensic artist Natalie Murry.

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