Illustration for Beginners

Illustration for Beginners

This tutorial series by Painter Master Elite Don Seegmiller walks a beginner Illustrator through the concept art design process in Painter. Start with an explanation of concept sketching and how to keep them simple and streamlined, getting creative without distractions, quickly create a range of varied concepts, and then taking the one you like, fill in the details, bring out the colors, add the texture, and finally depth and contrast to finish it up.

Adding Value to Illustrations

Learn all about adding value to illustrations, by using the airbrush to create depth and contrast plus an easy masking tip to clean up the edges.

Adding Texture to Illustrations

This tutorial demonstrates how you can add texture to your illustrations by using various brushes combined with paper textures and layer blend modes.

Adding Color to Illustrations

In this tutorial, Painter Master Elite Don Seegmiller shows you how to work with acrylic brushes and adjust layer settings to add color to an illustration.

Using Distortion to Create Variation

Learn how to create variations of a simple sketch by using the Distorto brush to pinch, stretch, push and pull your brush stokes around on the canvas.

Using Pencil and Eraser to Sketch

See how Painter Master Elite Don Seegmiller begins his character and creature illustrations by creating a simple sketch with pencil and eraser brushes.

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