Painter 2019 Tutorials

How to Use Pattern Pens

Painter Master Elite Don Seegmiller explores the new Pattern Pens and patterns in Painter 2019, that will spice up your canvas with graphic visionary strokes.

Natural Media Brush Library Benefits

Get to know some of the brush variants in the Natural Media brush library, and how Painter Master Elite Justin Buus uses them to keep a traditional mindset.

Screen Glazing: Painting with Light

This video showcases the power of the Screen Merge Mode using the Soft Screen and Clouds Screen Glazing brushes first introduced in Painter 2019.

Street-Art Style Airbrushing with Stencils

Painter Master Elite Aaron Rutten uses Painter airbrushes to create a street-art style stencil illustration on top of a photographic background.

Painting with the Real Wet Oil Brushes

Painter Master Elite Cher Pendarvis introduces you to the Soft Round and Hard Round brushes, 2 of the Real Wet Oil brushes available in Painter 2019 and up.

Adding Colored Washes with Real Watercolor Brushes

Learn about the Real Watercolor brushes from Painter Master Elite Cher Pendarvis, and how they can be used to add color to a pen and ink sketch.

Painting with Grainy Thick Paint

Painter Master Elite Skip Allen provides an in-depth look at 2 of Painter’s Thick Paint brushes: Grainy Thick and Wet, and Grainy Smooth Blender.

Landscape Painting with 3 Dab Stencil Brushes

Painter Master Elite Skip Allen paints a landscape to demonstrate Dab Stencil brushes, with helpful tips on layers, papers, flow maps and textures.

Loose and Expressive Thick Paint

Get a tour of the Thick Paint brushes in Painter 2019 and some tips from Painter Master Elite Karen Bonaker as she uses them to create a painting.