Painter 2020 Tutorials

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Painter 2020 Tutorials

Explore what’s possible in art and envision painting perfection with Painter 2020. This series of tutorials will introduce you to new features and enhancements such as the Brush Accelerator™, new brush and tool controls, simplified property bar workflow, new color harmonies and much more. With an award-winning collection of brushes, you can bring your fine art, illustration, or photo art vision to life.
Image by Bo Ara

How to Use the Brush Accelerator

See how Painter’s new Brush Accelerator™ scores your system and applies the optimal Painter performance settings to ensure Painter is lightning fast.

New Interface Advancements

Learn how to use Painter 2020’s revamped property bars, flyouts and palettes for brushes and tools to put the most important controls at your fingertips.

Painter Brush Selector Options

Enjoy new and enhanced brushes in Painter's streamlined library. Easily find, filter and favorite beloved brushes from within the Brush Selector.

Color Selection Features

Painter 2020 makes color selection a breeze, with 6 new color harmonies and a new Temporal Color Wheel menu with left-handed mode and other options.

Advanced Brush and Tool Controls

Grab your previous brush with just a click or a shortcut from a custom palette, and paint with the eraser, dodge, burn and clone tools without any lag time.

Painting with Fast Brushes

Check out the two new Fast brush categories with 26 refined brushes that were built to push the boundaries of Painter's performance optimizations.

Enhanced Layer Workflow

Learn how to use the layer enhancements in Painter 2020 to access commands right from the panel and avoid accidentally painting on hidden layers.

Painting a Landscape with the New Watercolor Brushes

Watch a demonstration of the four exciting new additions to the Watercolor brush category as they are used to craft a beautiful watercolor painting.

How to Use Painter Color Harmonies

Learn how to streamline your color selection process with the 6 new color harmony options in Painter 2020 that can also be saved as color sets.

Painting with a Wacom Art Pen

The Wacom Art Pen allows for full barrel rotation on many Painter brushes, producing stunningly realistic brushstrokes with just a turn of the stylus.

Preparing your Paintings for Professional Printing

Learn the top tips for setting up your Painter canvas, working with texture and finishing paintings for the purpose of professional printing.

Painting a Dreamy Seascape

Follow Cliff Cramp’s step-by-step tutorial and learn how to achieve professional fine art results when painting a digital seascape in Painter.

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