Creating a Concept Landscape

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Creating a Concept Landscape

Hosted by Painter Artist Davey Baker, this 5-part video tutorial series will show you how to use your Wacom Tablet and Painter Essentials 6 to create a stunning concept landscape. You’ll start by learning the ins and outs of the software and tablet and will then move on to detailed steps for making the best use of the various brushes and tools that will help you to create a digital masterpiece!

Setting up your Interface and Tablet

Follow along with Painter Artist Davey Baker as he introduces you to using Painter Essentials 6 with your Wacom Tablet to create a concept landscape.

Creating the Basic Structure

Lean how to get started on a concept landscape painting by setting your canvas color and creating the structure for the clouds, mountain and river.

Adding Color to the Landscape

Painter Artist Davey Baker shows you how to choose complementary colors for your concept landscape and the best ways to add them to your canvas.

Adding Light Accents to the Landscape

Give your landscape depth by adding natural light accents to highlight the hills and river, and make the landscape sparkle for additional interest.

Working on the Details of the Landscape

Learn how to complete your landscape by blending the fine details and adding extra touches like vibrant foliate, sparkling snow and floating clouds.

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