Getting to Know Painter

How To Set Up Your Canvas

Learn about the various options when setting up your Painter canvas: dimensions, color background, paper type, and recommended resolution for print or web.

Why Use a Drawing Tablet with Painter?

Learn how to take advantage of the power of pressure, tilt, bearing and rotation control of Painter’s brushes for the most impressive painting results.

Reviewing the Toolbox

Do you know what’s in your toolbox? Painter Master Elite Cher Pendarvis reviews each of the tools in the Painter toolbox and what they can be used for.

Getting to Know Painter Brushes

Get a tour of Painter’s brush selector and learn about different media types, plus helpful features for find and saving brushes for various workflows.

Creating a Custom Palette

Speed up your Painter workflow by creating a custom palette to quickly access your most frequently used brushes, materials and even menu commands.

Working with Color

Painter Master Elite Cher Pendarvis introduces you to the various color tools for selecting, adjusting, sampling, cloning and mixing color in Painter.

Understanding Painter Layers

Painter Master Elite Cher Pendarvis discusses the Layers panel and how layers can be used to organize your paintings and experiment with different effects.

Property Bar and Shortcuts

Learn how to adjust the settings of each tool using the Property Bar, and get some helpful keyboard shortcuts to speed up your painting workflow.

Painting your First Photo

Learn how to paint your first photo with the tools in the Photo Art palette for cloning, auto-painting and restoring some of the photographic details.

Freehand Sketching from Reference

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up a reference image for freehand sketching in Painter, and how to use the various tools in the Reference Image panel.

Fine-tuning with Effects

Painter Master Elite Cher Pendarvis shows you how to apply lighting and surface texture to your canvas to add that extra flair to your painting.

Understanding the Image Hose Brushes

In this tutorial, Painter Master Elite Don Seegmiller shows you how to create a simple nozzle for an Image Hose brush that paints with images instead of color.