Painter 2017 Tutorials

Painter Content Creation

Watch this step-by-step demo from Painter Master David Harrington and learn his tips and tricks for creating content art.

Enhanced Dropper Tool

Painter Master Cher Pendarvis demonstrates how to use the enhanced dropper tool to sample more than just one pixel.

Enhanced Property Bar featuring Cher Pendarvis

Painter Master Cher Pendarvis shows you how the enhanced property bars put important brush controls right at your fingertips.

Fine Art Layout and Workflow

Painter Master Karen Bonaker gives you a tour of the new Fine Art palette layout and workflow in Painter 2017.

Photo Art Layout and Workflow

See how to use the new Photo Art workspace to quickly add natural and creative touches to your photo art projects

Manga Layout and Workflow

Watch as Painter Master Hector Lujan creates a fantastic new sketch to help show off the new Manga Workspace in speed painting style!

Entertainment Illustration Layout and Workflow

Painter Master Mike Thompson shows you how to use the new interface features in Painter 2017 for entertainment illustrations.

Character Concept Art Layout and Workflow

Let Painter Master Borislav Mitkov show you his workflow, moving from concept to sketch to full colour.

Texture, Dab Stencils and Glazing for Concept Art

Painter Master Justin Buus uses the Texture, Dab Stencil, and Glazing brushes to add creative detail and background effects.

Texture Painting and Dab Stencils for Character Illustrators

Painter Master Don Seegmiller gives you a demo of the texture painting and dab stencils for creating character illustrations.

Interactive Gradients in Painter 2017

Learn how to use the new Interactive Gradient tool in Painter 2017 to create 3-dimensional shading on an image.

Comic Art Creation Tips

Painter Master Jason Maranto shows how to use the new glaze brushes to easily create comic style color and lighting effects.

Glazing for Fine Artists

Let Painter Master Cher Pendarvis show you how to use the new Glazing brushes in Painter 2017 for fine art projects.

Dab Stencils for Fine Artists

Painter Master Cher Pendarvis shows us how to use Dab Stencils to add fine details plus light and texture effects.

Texture Painting for Fine Artists

Painter Master Cher Pendarvis shows how to use the new Texture Painting tools to add details and natural effects.

Creating Custom Palette Drawers

Painter Master Skip Allen shows you how to customize your workspace with the new custom palette drawer feature.

Texture and Stencils for Photo Artists

Painter Master Aaron Rutten shows how to use glazing and texture brushes, stencil dabs and flow maps.

Texture Painting for Flattened 3D Models

This tutorial will show you how texture painting can be used to paint a flattened 3D model, with detail and definition.