Painter Webinars

Sculpting and Painting Spider Gwen

Painter Master Elite Mike Thompson demonstrates his favorite Painter tools for painting over a ZBrush model of Marvel’s Spider Gwen.

Painting Awe-inspiring Environments

In this 1-hour recorded webinar, artist Davey Baker shares the techniques and tips he finds most useful for creating environment designs in Painter.

Painting an Epic Character

Painter Master Harvey Bunda demonstrates his techniques for creating an epic character in this 1-hour webinar.

Expressive Landscape Painting

In this webinar, Painter Master Melissa Gallo shows you how to create a landscape painting from a reference photo using just one brush.

How to Create Game Characters

Painter Master Borislav Mitkov shares his process for creating game characters, from initial ideas to the final concept.

Fantasy Illustration Tips

Painter Master Brigid Ashwood share her Painter tips for creating fantasy illustrations, in this 1-hour webinar.

Painter Mech Design

Painter Master Robert Stacy explains his concept and design process when creating robots, mechs, and drones.

The Painting Process

In this webinar, Painter Master Dominick Saponaro takes you through his painting process using a live demonstration, with tips on using color effectively.

Narrative Illustration

Learn how to take your sketch from value to full color with tips from Painter Master and instructor Cliff Cramp.

Draw a Dragon

Painter Master Lawrence Mann shares his tips and techniques as he walks you through the process of painting a mythical dragon head with flames.

Painter Quick Studies

In this webinar, Painter Master Brian Pollett demonstrates his techniques for painting from a live model.

Still Life Painting

Painter Master Aaron Rutten gives a step-by-step demonsration for creating a still life painting, from sketch to final painting.

Commercial Packaging

Join Painter Master Michael Bast on a journey through his outstanding portfolio of work with plenty of helpful tips to jump start your art creations.

Webinar: Photo Painting for Beginners

Painter Master Elite Heather Michelle Chinn demonstrates the simple steps for turning a cherished photo into an impressionistic work of art.

Webinar: Paint an enchanted forest

Painter Master Don Seegmiller gives an in-depth demonstration of his various techniques for painting a forest scene.

Ink and You 2

See how Painter Master Justin Buus starts with a simple ink splash and goes on to create refined artwork from it.

Digital Art with a Touch of Grunge

Artist Caroline Julia Moore demonstrates her techniques for creating stunning image enhancements and transforming photos into ethereal masterpieces with ParticleShop brushes.

Landscape in Mixed Media

Painter Master Elite Skip Allen showcases his Painter 2019 custom layout, and how he uses watercolor and thick paint to create a mixed media landscape.

Webinar: Photo-painting secrets

In this webinar, Painter Master Elite Karen Sperling shares her secrets for getting started with photo painting, art theory, and how to paint backgrounds.

Creating a Realistic Pencil Portrait

In this beginner Painter webinar, artist Mohamed Taa’eb shows you how to use a photo reference as inspiration to create a pencil portrait illustration.

Creating a Fantasy Illustration

You’ll learn many valuable tips from Painter Master Elite Doug Sirois, as he demonstrates in detail his process for creating a fantasy illustration.

Gentle Elegant Portrait Painting

In this webinar, Painter Master Elite Marilyn Sholin demonstrates her techniques for painting soft and gentle portraits and creating backgrounds.

Webinar – Forensic Art

In this Painter webinar you’ll witness the real-life forensic art of reconstructing a face from a skull, demonstrated by top forensic artist Natalie Murry.

Painting Realistic Skin and Hair

In this webinar, artist Isis Sousa shares her secrets of the important fundamentals for painting realistic skin and hair – from color to texture.

Webinar: Painting Creatures with Captivating Texture

In this webinar, Painter Master Elite Don Seegmiller teaches you how to combine Painter’s textures with brushwork to create a captivating creature portrait.

Luminous Pastels

Learn how to achieve rich, natural media pastel effects, luminous color and textures by using painting techniques such as blending and scumbling.

Paint Like Bob Ross using Painter

Follow along with Painter Master Elite Karen Bonaker and learn how to paint a magical landscape painting in the style of Bob Ross using Corel Painter.

How to Paint Fur

In this webinar, Painter Master Elite Heather Michelle Chinn shares her everyday hacks for painting fur and creating animal art from photos.

Painting Celebrity Portraits

Elite Painter Master Collin Chan shares some of his fundamental techniques for painting celebrity portraits using Painter 2020 stock brushes.

Painting a Halloween Image

Painter Master Elite Don Seegmiller shares his time-saving tips using some lesser known features of Painter to create a Halloween-themed image.

Creating Quick Caricatures with Painter

Digital artist Rhoda Draws shares her Painter caricature techniques, including time-saving custom palettes and tips for working at live events.

Creating a Movie Poster

In this webinar, Painter Master Michelle Web guides you through the process of creating a promotional movie poster from concept to finished design.

Webinar: Creating mimetic art in Painter

See how life imitates art! In this webinar recording, Painter Master Brian Pollett shares his techniques for creating mimetic art using patterns and symbolism.

Creating Packaging Artwork for Toy Makers

In this webinar, illustrator Mike Thompson demonstrates how to paint the Venompool character working with a flattened ZBrush sculpt in Painter.

Painting an Evening Cityscape

Get time-saving tips for creating buildings and working with Painter’s FX brushes as artist Davey Baker demonstrates how to paint an evening cityscape.

Painting Glorious Landscapes

In this webinar, Painter Master Aaron Rutten presents a landscape painting demonstration using the new Thick Paint Compatible brushes in Painter 2021.

Painting Dracula, the Prince of Darkness

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how to paint a portrait of Dracula, complete with a twilight environment and other elements to set the mood.

Painting an Autumn-inspired character

In this recorded webinar, Painter Master Isis Sousa will walk you through the process of painting an Autumn-inspired fantasy character using Painter.

Painting “Winter Fantasy” fine art

Painter Master Elite Karen Bonaker demonstrates various techniques to add texture to your paintings in this 1-hour Winter Fantasy fine art session.

Creating Illustrations for Board Games

In this webinar, Painter Master Magdalena Proszowska demonstrates how she uses Painter to create fantasy illustrations for a board game collaboration.

Webinar: Painting stylized portraits

In this webinar on demand, illustrator Isabelle Staub demonstrates her favorite Painter features and preferred brushes for painting stylized portraits.

Creating wildlife portraits from photographs

In this webinar recording, artist Rachel Gray demonstrates how she uses Painter to create amazing wildlife portraits based on her own photographs.

Painting Portraits from Scratch

In this recorded webinar, Painter Master Elite Collin Chan teaches fundamental painting techniques for creating fine art portraits from scratch.

Creating Magical Fantasy Art

In this recorded webinar, Painter Master Davey Baker takes you step-by-step through the process of making creating magical fantasy art.

Webinar: Painter Tips and Tricks

In this recorded webinar, Painter Master Elite Aaron Rutten shares his tips and tricks for how to use his favorite Painter features and more.

Webinar: You and Ink with Justin Buus

In this webinar, Painter Master Justin Buus shows his creative process and how to express your own personal style.