Intro to Painter Essentials 5

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Intro to Painter Essentials 5

With Corel® Painter® Essentials™ 5 it’s easy to create amazing art, whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro. Easily sketch, draw or paint on a blank canvas or use the auto-painting tool to transform your photos into amazing art right before your eyes.

Beginner’s Guide to Painter Essentials

Have you ever wanted to paint a masterpiece without all the mess or the learning curve? Painter Essentials 5 is a virtual art studio filled with all the tools you need to create your own masterpiece.

Tracing with Painter Essentials 5

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a sketch or painting by tracing over a photo, using tracing paper as a guide. Once your tracing is complete you can add color by copying, or cloning, the colors from the original photo or custom select your own colors.

Photo Painting Using Oils, Acrylics, and Blenders

In this tutorial, you will learn about painting from a photo reference image in Painter Essentials 5.

Sketching with Pencils

In this short beginner video, Painter Master Cher Pendarvis will show you how to sketch with pencils in Painter Essentials 5.

Getting Started with Painter Essentials

In this tutorial, Painter Master Cher Pendarvis shows you the basics of Painter Essentials – the easy-to-use digital painting program.

Illustration Brushes with Don Seegmiller

In this tutorial Painter Master Don Seegmiller demonstrates his favorite Painter Essentials 5 illustration brushes and walks you through the creation of a simple illustration

Digital Watercolor Sketching

In this tutorial, Painter Master Cher Pendarvis will show you how to create a photo painting using pencil sketching and digital watercolors in Painter Essentials 5.

Auto-painting with Painter Essentials

A great way to start digital painting is to use the auto-painting tool in Painter Essentials 5. Sit back and watch as your photo is magically transformed into a painting, sketch or line drawing. Just choose your image and a painting style, and then let the SmartStroke™ brush technology follow the lines and contours in your picture just like a real artist would.

Sketching with Pen and Ink

In this tutorial, you will learn how sketch with pens and Ink using Painter Essentials 5.

Applying Light and Texture to a Sketch

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use apply lighting and surface texture to add drama to a pencil sketch.

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