Landscape and Still Life Painting with Painter Essentials 6

Landscape and Still Life Painting with Painter Essentials 6

Craft stunning landscapes and captivating still life paintings from a blank canvas by following tips from a variety of artists. This subject matter allows for the use of any media type to execute your vision. These tutorials demonstrate a wide variety of dry and wet media brushes that are the favorites of many artists.

Paint a Landscape with Dry Natural-Media®

Get to work with Pencils, Chalks and Pastels as Painter Master Elite Cher Pendarvis demonstrates some Dry media tools.

Paint a Landscape with Wet Natural-Media®

Painter Master Elite Cher Pendarvis reviews the Acrylics and Oils brushes and demonstrates how they were used to create the Cloudscape Study painting.

Freehand Pencil Sketch

Paint a grainy pencil sketch from scratch with the New Simple Water brush and tips from Painter Master Elite Karen Bonaker.

Webinar: Paint Like Bob Ross using Painter Essentials

Follow along with Painter Master Elite Karen Bonaker and learn how to paint a magical landscape painting in the style of Bob Ross using Painter Essentials.

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