Font Manager Part 1

Font Manager Part 1

By CorelDRAW Experts

Corel Font Manager™ provides professional font management tools. Learn how to monitor font folders and preview fonts. Find fonts quickly by searching and filtering; and identify font status – installed, not installed, system protected or online – at a glance.

For the best possible viewing experience please turn on closed captioning in order to view the video subtitles.

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Comments (2)

  • Debra Peterson Reply

    I intuitively CAN check anything in the Font Manager. What does that do??? Am I supposed to experiment and see what happens? Sorry, I hated the music and would appreciate a manual that tells me without being forced to guess and experiment.

    I have fonts on my computer. Which are commercial free? How can I find out? Which fonts came installed with Corel Draw? Is there a list some-where? (The forums debate accuracy.) I assume the fonts that came with Corel Draw are commercial free. Unfortunately the font manger does not tell me these things and I really don’t know how to check on this. Therefore, for the most basic use, the Font Manager is useless. Does Corel list the commercial free fonts that come with its package anywhere? Windows has fonts…. are those commercial free? Is there a site somewhere, a link that lists this??

    I have done a google search but have not found publishers site with a list. Is there a list on Corel for what Corel has published? It would also be useful if the Font Manager listed this as such.

    July 2, 2018 at 1:32 pm
    • Adam Reply

      Hello Debra,

      Thanks for getting in touch! This is a good question. The short answer is that the CorelDRAW licence allows the user to use included fonts commercially, meaning that you can create imagery or designs using these fonts for commercial purposes. You can’t sell the fonts themselves, but you are free to use them.

      That being said, not all fonts have the same licensing! What this means is that come production time, not all fonts may be embedded. If you were to send a design to a printer and there was a font in the design that did not allow embedding, it would not show up properly at the output. Hypothetically, if that text were converted to curves in advance, it would be an object and the printer would not have this problem.

      There are three types of font licenses. You can view which one a font has from within Font Manager by clicking the Font Properties button (the three line icon, top right below the X to close the application), and selecting Font Details. Here it will list “Installable”, “Editable”, and “No Embedding”. The last one would need that convert to curves process. In this usage “embedding” refers to embedding a copy of the font within the CDGS file itself, meaning the printer could load the file and it would temporarily unpack the fonts.

      When saving the file out, there is also an option for embedding. This is on by default, and as we said means that the fonts travel with the file for the “Installable” and “Editable” licensed fonts. Only “No Embedding” fonts will be skipped during this step.

      Hope this helps! We have taken your suggestion for a list of which fonts have which license to the CDGS team for their consideration.
      Discovery Center Team

      July 7, 2018 at 4:23 pm

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