What’s New in Painter 2016

What’s New in Painter 2016

Our Painter Masters take you on a tour of exciting new features and enhancements in Painter 2016 like Audio Expression, Dynamic Speckles, new Particle brushes, custom toolboxes, enhanced layer blending and much more. Take them for a test drive and experience the world’s most expressive paint program.


Audio Expression

This tutorial by Painter Master Brian Pollett introduces the new audio expressions feature, which allows music and sound to interact with your brush strokes. It’s a great way to add a little bit of chaos and character to your paintings.


Enhanced Layer Blending

Learn about Corel Painter 2016’s enhanced layer blending feature. Blending combines the colors from different layers or parts of your image to create smooth transitions between colors.

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Particle and Watercolor Brushes

With Corel Painter 2016, you can combine particle brush technology with watercolors. In this tutorial, Painter Master Skip Allen turns a watercolor variant into a watercolor particle brush.


How to Paint with Liquid Ink: Part 2

In this tutorial Painter Master Jason Maranto explores changing bristle brush variants into liquid ink brushes.


How to Auto-paint Portraits

Painter Master Karen Sperling gives you some tips for using the auto-painting tools to turn a portrait photo into a painting.

Painter - Adobe ABR Tutorial - Class Image

Using Photoshop ABR Brushes as Blenders

In this tutorial, Painter Master Aaron Rutten demonstrates how to use Photoshop ABR files to make brushes in Corel Painter 2016, and how to use these brushes as blenders.


What’s New in Painter 2016 – Part 2

In this tutorial, Painter Master Aaron Rutten, shows us some of the more subtle updates and improvements to Painter 2016.


Dirty Brush Mode for Artist’s Oils

Painter Master Skip Allen gives us a quick run-down of Dirty Mode for Artists’ Oils, and what it can do for you and your creations!


Cloning with Dynamic Speckles

In this video tutorial, Painter Master Jeremy Sutton introduces you to dynamic speckle brushes in Corel Painter 2016. He shows how these new brushes them can be used in clone painting, and demonstrates it in a project.


Introduction to Dynamic Speckles

In this tutorial, Painter Master John Derry introduces you to the Dynamic Speckles, which simulates the controlled randomness of painting with a brush made up of many individuals brush hairs.


Particles and Liquid Ink

In this tutorial, Painter Master Jason Maranto demonstrates three brushes that he created for Painter 2016 which use liquid and particle technology.


How to Paint with Liquid Ink: Part 3

Painter Master Jason Maranto gives a detailed look at how the smoothness and volume thickness settings interact.


Creative Masking Techniques

Here’s a fun, easy and creative way to use masks. Get some tips and tricks from Painter Master Karen Bonaker.


Importing Photoshop Brushes into Painter 2016

Painter Master Cher Threinen-Pendarvis shows us how to import Photoshop brushes into Painter, and gives an example on adjusting these brushes to paint nicely in Painter 2016.


Simple Arrangement

Take a quick tour of Painter 2016’s new Simple Arrangement workspace with Painter Master Skip Allen.


How to Use the Watercolor and Pattern Papers

Skip Allen, Painter Master, shows off how to use watercolor brushes and pattern papers to bring true-to-life details into your paintings, including flow, grain, and more!


Custom Toolboxes

In this tutorial Painter Master Karen Bonaker shows you how to use custom toolboxes to share brushes, papers, patterns, and flowmaps with other Painter users.


Paper and Flowmap Rotation

In this tutorial, you will learn about paper and flowmap rotation, a simple way to add a little more texture to your images.


How to Paint with Liquid Ink: Part 1

In this tutorial Painter Master Jason Maranto introduces you to the liquid ink brushes in Painter 2016.


Liquid Ink vs. Dynamic Speckles

In this tutorial Painter Master Jason Maranto gives a side-by-side comparison of the liquid ink and dynamic speckles brushes.


The Different Kinds of Watercolors

In this tutorial, Cher Pendarvis demonstrates the differences between the different watercolor brushes available in Painter 2016.


What’s New in Painter 2016 – Part 1

Aaron Rutten, Painter Master, takes us through some of his favorite updates, improvements, and new additions to Painter 2016!


Paint Like Jackson Pollock

Are you an impressionist fan? Watch as Painter Master Aaron Rutten demonstrates some techniques that you can use to create works in the style of famed abstract impressionist Jackson Pollock!


Using Fractal Patterns to Make Paper

In this tutorial, Painter Master Skip Allen shows you how to use the Fractal Pattern tool to create a new paper.

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