Text Effects in CorelDRAW

Text Effects in CorelDRAW

Working with text is a very useful skill to master for your graphic design projects. This series will teach you all about using text effects in CorelDRAW to communicate with words and graphics at the same time. Text effects are a great addition to all sorts of posters, marketing, or web design work.

Create a Chiseled Effect

Adding a chiseled wood effect is a great way to enhance your design projects. This tutorial will show you how to do so using the Drop Shadow tool in CorelDRAW.

Creating a Distressed Look

Want to add a funky, distressed look to your text? This tutorial will show you how easy it is with CorelDRAW.

Create a Mosaic Text Effect

The mosaic text effect in CorelDRAW lets you use other text or symbols as a fill when creating a unique and eye catching title. Use mosaic text to create a professional looking poster or use it for birthday cards, letterheads, and even watermarks. This simple text effect gives you one more tool at your side when creating the perfect look on your design project.

Using PowerClip

PowerClip gives you the ability to place an object or multiple objects inside a container. This container can be made up of a single object, several objects, or text. This tutorial will show you how to use PowerClip to create cool text effects.

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