Beginner Digital Art Tutorials

Beginner Digital Art Tutorials

Our series of beginner digital art tutorials are designed for artists who are new to digital painting, or using the Painter software for the first time. They are also helpful for more experienced artists who are looking to streamline their workflow and get the most out their software. We will cover the basics of getting started for any artist, and also provide helpful tips specific to illustrators, photo artists, concept artists and more.

Beginner Digital Art Tutorials

Getting Started with Painter

If you are new to digital painting, or an experienced artist using Painter for the first time, this tutorial series is a great place to start. Painter Masters Justin Buus and Jeremy Sutton demonstrate the key tools and techniques, such as setting up a new canvas, choosing brushes, selecting color and setting up your workspace preferences. Mastering these simple tools and techniques will ensure that your digital painting process gets off to a good start.

Fine Art for Beginners

This tutorial series is designed for fine artists who have little or no experience with digital painting. In her Beginner Landscape Painting tutorials, Painter Master Melissa Gallo demonstrates the complete workflow, from setting up your canvas to adding the final touches. Painter Master Karen Bonaker gives you lots of helpful tips for learning how to use panels, palettes, brush controls and layers, and takes a closer look at the properties of some of her favorite brushes.

AfterShot Pro 2 Tutorials

Introduction to Particle Brushes

In this series of tutorials you will learn how to use the new physics-inspired Particle Brushes with the help of Painter artists. Found in Blenders, Cloners and our extensive new Particle Brush category, these brushes let you revel in chaotic creativity or take control for pinpoint precision to create the kind of jaw-dropping art you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re a photo artist, illustrator or traditional painter, no matter what kind of art you create, our new revolutionary Particle Brushes allow you to push your creative vision further.

Image by: Jason Maranto

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